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Edith’s Impact Story

My name is Edith. In 2009 I started New Living Hope Training Center for the blind.  

Its objectives were simple to enable the blind to become self-reliant and preach the Gospel that the blind would know God.

Many blind people passed through this institution fifty-two (52) persons, and they are all self-employed.

I teach them how to make baskets. Mr. John Keltonic is a friend to Mama Diana. He introduced me to Compassionate Women Initiative (CWI) and what my students were making. She said it was a great fit. CWI bought some basket to take to the USA. 

As I partner with CWI, I will also be getting money for our school. This partnership will help us to buy materials and other needs for the students. 

Blind students have many challenges in Uganda. Thank you for buying our baskets to support the work.