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Kevin’s Impact Story

I’m Kelvin, a gal trying to sustain myself and my family in the tailoring business. Growing up, I have always loved fashion, but I couldn’t learn more due to school fees. Tailoring is a vocation in which I have so much interest. 

In 2010, I took a bold step. I managed to save enough money to enroll in a training, to learn more about tailoring. I couldn’t go to school because of finances, but I made some sacrifices to secure money for my dream in tailoring. 

I’m proud to say that I am a certified tailor. I make clothes in different styles. Making men and women look good in their outfit is always my priority. 

Partnership is a very important factor in business. In 2017, I began to partner with Compassionate Women Initiative (CWI). I sewed many of their products like headbands, eco shopping bags, and card bags. 

Compassionate women initiative (CWI) pays me for my services. I can now provide basic needs and the children’s school fees. With this income, I was able to get myself an electric sewing machine that I’ve always wanted. 

In future, I plan to get a larger space of my own, where I can sell fabrics and other clothing materials and run my tailoring business as well. Currently, I run my business in a small part of my room, but I believe God will provide abundant capital to widen the scope of my business.