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Zion’s Impact Story

My name is Zion, I am 34, and I have a wife and four children. 

I started making these unique, beautiful cane hanger project in 2017. I make them from a renewable source of cane in the swamps near Lake Victoria, where I live. One of the challenges of this renewable cane is the transport cost from the swamp to my workshop.

I want to employ some of the single mothers in my community who are unemployed. If I could expand my workshop, that would give more room to train these single mothers to make these beautiful hangers. It takes 3-4 weeks to finish a single hanger. 

CWI has helped me find a market for my hangers, paying me a living wage to have money for my family’s basic needs and school fees.

I can see God’s mighty provision for my family.

Thank you for buying my hangers. I hope you enjoy them in your home. When I think about you using them, it makes me smile.