About CWI Craft Studio

CWI Craft Studio USA is an extension of the Compassionate Women Initiative in Uganda. It’s one of our sustainable projects that allows us to train and empower the women, men, and youth that we serve. 

We offer free craft training to unemployed or underemployed women, men, and youth in the Jinja community. With their new skills, they can generate their own income or supplement their families’ income by making and selling these goods. After we train them to make our products, we buy them directly to resell in our store. They are then shipped to the United States and listed in our online store. If you are looking to make a purchase from Europe, please see our other website https://compassionatewomeninitiative.org/

We use the profits to support CWI ministry projects. Our hope is that CWI will become self-supporting and will not need outside funding sources to continue our ministry in the future.

Experience the Beauty of African Art

Each item in our store is handmade by the women, men, and youth who have joined our ministry in Uganda. Our product line includes clothing, accessories, jewelry, and home goods made from the beautiful, multicolored kitenge materials. All of the products are ready to ship from the contiguous United States.

About Kitenge Fabric 

Kitenge is an African fabric with patterns that vary from region to region. Women often wear them as clothing, wrapped around their bodies, as a headscarf, or even as baby slings. They’re colorful and are often decorated with distinct patterns.

The Batik Process

The printing process used on the kitenge cloth is called batik. They’re wax prints, making a design that is equally bright on both sides of the fabric. 

About Compassionate Women Initiative (CWI)

Our Vision is to have:

Every life empowered to be lived abundantly in Jesus

Our Mission is:

To equip rural communities with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by Sharing and Showing Christ’s love; Training life skills and Business Development and  Create Health Awareness on preventable measures of common illnesses so as to have a complete transformation of their lives. 

Our Core Values (CAPIC)

  • Christian
  • Accountable 
  • Partners
  • Innovative
  • Compassionate. 

Visit compassionatewomeninitiative.org for more information about our ministry.

All purchases support the Compassionate Women Initiative.

“I love wearing my skirt that I bought from CWI Craft Studio USA. It is so soft, comfortable, and 100% cotton. It even has pockets! I feel beautiful when I wear my wonderful skirt from Uganda!
And you know this skirt was purchased by CWI from a single mom to help support her children. It’s a win win for the Ugandan crafters and CWI ministries.”

Laura, Customer