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Edith’s Impact Story

My name is Edith. In 2009 I started New Living Hope Training Center for the blind.  

Its objectives were simple to enable the blind to become self-reliant and preach the Gospel that the blind would know God.

Many blind people passed through this institution fifty-two (52) persons, and they are all self-employed.

I teach them how to make baskets. Mr. John Keltonic is a friend to Mama Diana. He introduced me to Compassionate Women Initiative (CWI) and what my students were making. She said it was a great fit. CWI bought some basket to take to the USA. 

As I partner with CWI, I will also be getting money for our school. This partnership will help us to buy materials and other needs for the students. 

Blind students have many challenges in Uganda. Thank you for buying our baskets to support the work.

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Kevin’s Impact Story

I’m Kelvin, a gal trying to sustain myself and my family in the tailoring business. Growing up, I have always loved fashion, but I couldn’t learn more due to school fees. Tailoring is a vocation in which I have so much interest. 

In 2010, I took a bold step. I managed to save enough money to enroll in a training, to learn more about tailoring. I couldn’t go to school because of finances, but I made some sacrifices to secure money for my dream in tailoring. 

I’m proud to say that I am a certified tailor. I make clothes in different styles. Making men and women look good in their outfit is always my priority. 

Partnership is a very important factor in business. In 2017, I began to partner with Compassionate Women Initiative (CWI). I sewed many of their products like headbands, eco shopping bags, and card bags. 

Compassionate women initiative (CWI) pays me for my services. I can now provide basic needs and the children’s school fees. With this income, I was able to get myself an electric sewing machine that I’ve always wanted. 

In future, I plan to get a larger space of my own, where I can sell fabrics and other clothing materials and run my tailoring business as well. Currently, I run my business in a small part of my room, but I believe God will provide abundant capital to widen the scope of my business.  

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Zion’s Impact Story

My name is Zion, I am 34, and I have a wife and four children. 

I started making these unique, beautiful cane hanger project in 2017. I make them from a renewable source of cane in the swamps near Lake Victoria, where I live. One of the challenges of this renewable cane is the transport cost from the swamp to my workshop.

I want to employ some of the single mothers in my community who are unemployed. If I could expand my workshop, that would give more room to train these single mothers to make these beautiful hangers. It takes 3-4 weeks to finish a single hanger. 

CWI has helped me find a market for my hangers, paying me a living wage to have money for my family’s basic needs and school fees.

I can see God’s mighty provision for my family.

Thank you for buying my hangers. I hope you enjoy them in your home. When I think about you using them, it makes me smile.