“Kusasira Christmas”

Missionary Director Diana Ferrell and the Compassionate Women Initiative (CWI) are asking you to have a Kusasira “Compassionate” Christmas. This online craft sale is our holiday fundraiser! All the proceeds will go to our mission in Uganda.

Kusasira means “compassion” — capturing the meaning of our ministry and embodying the true spirit of Christmas. We hope you’ll plan to buy some of your holiday gifts, decor, and Christmas cards with us this year.

We’ve created a small flyer that would fit well as a bulletin insert or on an announcement board. Click the button below to download both the color and black and white files.

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Experience the Beauty of African Art

Our product line draws its distinct style from beautiful, multicolored kitenge materials. Each item in our store is handmade by the women who have joined our ministry in Uganda.

About Kitenge Fabric

Kitenge is an African fabric with patterns that vary from region to region. They’re colorful and are often decorated with distinct patterns. The material can be used to make both women and men’s clothing. 

The Batik Process

The printing process used on the kitenge cloth is called batik. They’re wax prints, making a design that is equally bright on both sides of the fabric. The batik represents the nature of Africa. Lovely for wall hangings and other home decor.  

 All of our products are ready to ship from the contiguous United States.

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